RAMS 2002

13D2_Increase Reliability For Screening By Coating Plastic Parts

13D1_Reliability Tests on Power Devices

13C2_The Knowledge Path to Mission Success Overview of the NASA PBMA-KMS

12D6_Application of Semi-Markov Process and CTMC to Evaluation of UPS System Availability

12D3_Comparison of Reliability and Availability Evaluation Techniques for Distribution Network Systems

12D2_A Simplified Availability Modeling Tool for Networks with 1-1 Redundant Software-Hardware Systems

12D1_The Exponential Distribution the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. A Practical Guide to its Implementation

12C5_SYSLEB – A Tool for the Calculation of the System Reliability from Raw Failure Data

12C4_Reliability Assessment Methodology for 1-Shot Systems

12C2_Fault-Frequency Prediction Of Chassis Components For Heavy-Duty Trucks

12B5_Measuring RCM Implementation

12B4_Reliability Models of Repairable Systems Considering the Effect of Operating Conditions

12B3_Analyzing Fuzziness in Product Quality & Reliability Informationflow during Time-driven Product-development-process

12B1_QFD Implementation In A Discrete Semiconductor Industry

10D4_Probabilistic Assessment of Availability from System Performance Data

10D2_Reliability Of Lead-Free Solder Interconnects – A Review

10C5_Availability Modeling for the Application of Manufacturing Equipment

10C3_Integrated Modelling of System Functional, Maintenance & Environmental Factors

10B_Reliability Analysis of Computer-Based Systems using Dynamic Fault Trees

10A_International Space Station Risk Management

09D6_Intellectual Capital Utilizing the Web for Knowledge Management and Data Utilization in Reliability Engineering

09D5_Enhancing Product Reliability using REMM

09D4_Plausible Reasoning Theory in Reliability-Centered Maintenance Analysis

09D3_The Application of RODON to the FMEA of a Microgravity Facility Subsystem

09D2_Effective Automated Sneak Circuit Analysis

09D1_QRAS – The Quantitative Risk Assessment System

09B4_Planning Multiple Levels Constant Stress Accelerated Life Tests

09B2_Reliability Quantification of Induction Motors

09B1_Accelerated Tests to Simulate Metal Migration in Hybrid Circuits

09A3_Reliability Centered Software Testing

08C2_Modelling of maintenance, within discrete event simulation

8B_Reliability and Availability Modeling using the SHARPE Software Package

8A_Understanding Accelerated Life-Testing Analysis

7D_How to Justify Your Modeling Results

07C4_Investigating a Specific Class of Software Reliability Growth Models

07C2_Three Modified Dependency-tests for Software Failures

07B5_Integrated System for Reliability- Modeling Of Cold Plastic Deformation Tools Used in Car Industry

07B4_Reliability Analysis System For Risk Management Of LNG Receiving Terminals And Piping Network

07B3_Can CATV Availability Reach that of the TELCOs The Road to 5NINES!


07B1_Refrigerator Failure Early Prediction Based on Warranty Data

7A_Introduction To Probabilistic Risk Assessment

06B5_Probability Evaluation of System-Failure Occurrence Based on Minimal Cut-Sets

06B4_Service Fault-Tree-Analysis Its Use For Improving The Efficiency Of Service Processes

06B3_How to Avoid the Generation of Loops in the Construction of Fault Trees

06B1_FMEA of Marine Systems Moving from Prescriptive to Risk-based Design and Classification

06A3_Risk Assessment in Railroad Signaling Experience Gained and Lessons Learned


04D2_A Simple Graphical Approach for Comparing Reliability Trends of Different Units in a Fleet

04C5_Availability Centered Maintenance (ACM), an Integrated Approach

04C4_Prioritizing the Purchase of Spare Parts Using an Approximate Reasoning Model

04C1_A Study of On-Line Maintenance Practices at U.S. Nuclear Plants

4B_Fault Tree Analysis in Product Reliability Improvement

4A_Introduction to Repairable Systems Modeling

2D_Failure Analysis Laboratory

2C_Assembling System – Network Reliability


05B1_Optimizing Condition Based Maintenance Decisions

13D5_Improving the Reliability of a Newly-Designed Mobile Phone by Environmental Tests and Accelerated Life Tests

13D4_Establishment of Accelerated Corrosion Testing Conditions

13D3_Electronic Packaging Adhesive Fatigue Life Prediction Using Thermal Cycling Step-Stress Testing


13C5_A Discrete-Event Simulator for Predicting Outage Time and Costs as a Function of Maintenance Resources

13C4_Dynamic Modeling of Degradation Data

13C1_A Reliability Driven Mission For Space Station

13A_Introduction to Software Reliability Risk Management

12D5_Application of Bayes Statistics to Reduce Sample-Size, Considering a Lifetime-Ratio

12D4_Probabilistic Assessment of Availability from System Performance Data

12C3_Reliability Predictions Based on Criticality-Associated Similarity Analysis

12C1_A Failure-Forecast Method Based On Weibull And StatisticalPattern Analysis

12B2_Warranty, Product Spectrum and Customer Role

12A_Applying Fuzzy Logic to the Design Process

11D4_ISO 9000-2000 – The Challenges and Opportunities for Internal Auditors

11D3_Using TL 9000 Measurements

11D2_Development of Quality Index for TL 9000 Measurements

11D1_Using TL 9000 Requirements to Improve Telecommunications Product Quality and Reliability

11C5_Approximation Method and Formulas for Average Unavailability of Systems with Latent Faults

11C4_On Reliability Modeling and Analysis of Highly-Reliable Large Systems

11C3_Reliability Availability of K-out-of-N System with M Cold Standby Units

11C2_Fault Information Model and Maintenance Cycle Forecasting for Ship’s Power System

11C1_The Design and Evaluation of All Voting Triple Modular Redundancy System

Vassiliades_Reliability Specialists-A Critical Need

Mitrou_Reliability – Looking Ahead


10D3_The Use of Indirect Evidence for Bayesian Reliability Analysis

10D1_Improving Design For Reliability With In-Service Data Analysis

10C4_Multi-Phase Reliability Analysis for Dynamic and Static Phases

10C2_Reliability, Thermal Analysis and Optimization Wirability Design of Multi-Layer PCB Boards

10C1_Research on The Model and Software Package for Ship Reliability Analysis

9C_Modeling Realistic systems With the Monte-Carlo Method. A unified System Engineering approach

09B5_Modeling and Analysis of Time-Dependent Stress Accelerated Life Data

09B3_Reliability Stress Test Method Impact on the New Product Introduction Process, Time to Market, Field Reliability Impact and Reliability Assessment.

09A5_Specification Validation of Guidance Control Software Requirements for Reliability and Fault-Tolerance

09A4_Utility of Popular Software Defect Models

09A2_An Approach for Understanding and Testing Third Party Software Components

09A1_Making the (Business) Case for Software Reliability

08C5_The Failure of MTTF in Availability Evaluation

08C4_Two-Dimensional Reliability Modeling From Warranty Data

08C3_Use of Functional Representation Diagram for Reliability Improvement

08C1_Maintenance Optimization Under Uncertainties Using Interval Methods & Evolutionary Strategies

07C5_Reliability Estimation of Hierarchical Software Systems

07C3_An Integrated Measure of Software Maintainability

07C1_Scenario-Based Unit Testing For Reliability

07B6_Random Vibration Analysis and Parameter Optimization

06B2_The Failure-Analysis Matrix A Kinder, Gentler Alternative to FMEA for Information Systems

06A5_Integrating Reliability Improvement Modeling into Practice – Challenges and Pitfalls

06A4_A Method for Achieving an Enhanced Mission Capability

06A2_Beyond Root-Cause Analysis

06A1_Ulysses, Scylla and Charybdis – And the Story of Reliability

05B5_Risk Analysis Using a Hybrid Bayesian-Approximate Reasoning Methodology

05B4_How Safety-Investments Increase Performance a Practical Case

05B3_Generalized Imperfect Coverage Phased-Mission Analysis

05B2_Reliability and Availability Evaluation for Highly Meshed Network Systems Status of the Art and New Perspectives

05A5_Optimizing Condition Based Maintenance Decisions

05A4_Input Data Characterization Factors For Complex Systems Affecting Availability Estimation Accuracy

05A3_Reliability Improvement of Airport Ground Transportation Vehicles Using Neural Networks to Anticipate System Failure

05A2_Maintenance-Cost Modeling for a Refrigerated-Trailer Fleet

04D5_Comprehensive Review of Estimating System-Reliability Confidence-Limits from Component-Test Data

04D4_Sample Sizes for System Availability

04D3_Failure Data Analysis by Models Involving 3 Weibull Distributions

04D1_A Path-Based Algorithm to Evaluate Asymptotic Unavailability for Large Markov Models

04C3_Optimizing Intervals for Inspection and Failure-Finding Tasks

04C2_Risk-Informed Reliability-Focused Decision Analysis Support For Effective Facility Change Management

3C_Introduction to Dynamic Robust Design

3A_Practical Reliability Engineering & Management

2B_Human Reliability Analysis

1D_Applying Probabilistic Methods to Component Design and Reliability Modeling

1C_Integrated Reliability & Maintainability Program-Planning


1A_Basic Reliability

05A1_Supply Chain Reliability for Contingency Operations