RAMS 2003

1Adoc_Reliability Design, Engineering, Testing & Management

1Appt_Reliability Design, Engineering, Testing & Management

1Bdoc_Probability Models and Statistical Methods in Reliability

1Cdoc_Software Reliability Engineering Techniques

1Cppt_Software Reliability Engineering Techniques

1Ddoc_Human Reliability Fundamentals and Issues


2Cdoc_Introduction to Fault Trees

2Cppt_Reliability Analysis of Computer-Based Systems using Dynamic Fault Trees

2Dnotes_Understanding Accelerated Life-Testing Analysis

2Dppt_Understanding Accelerated Life-Testing Analysis

4Adoc_Applying Probabilistic Methods to Component Design and Reliability Modeling

4Bdoc_Reliability Block Diagram Construction Techniques

4Cdoc_Fundamentals of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

4Cppt_Fundamentals of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

05CP1_Early Reliability And Failure Analysis Of Modern Telephone Audio Systems

05CP2_A Software Reliability Methodology Using Software Sneak Analysis, SW FMEA and the Integrated System Analysis Approach

05CP3_A BBN Approach to Certifying the Reliability of COTS Software Systems

05CP4_A new Software-based technique for low-cost Fault-Tolerant Application

05CP5_Optimal Cost-Effective Design of Parallel Systems Subject to Imperfect Fault-Coverage

05DP1_Robust Reliability Design of Diagnostic Systems

05DP2_Optimal Reliability Design of Process Systems at the Conceptual Stage of Design

05DP3_Physics of Failure As an Integrated Part of Design for Reliability

05DP4_A Method for Reliability Optimization through Degradation Analysis and Robust Design

5Adoc_Introduction to Repairable Systems Modeling



06AP1_Discrete Event Simulation to Improve Aircraft Availability and Maintainability

06AP2_New Concept for Aircraft Maintenance Management

06AP3_Design Of Inspection And Maintenance Models Based On The CCC-chart

06AP4_Using Equivalent Failure Rates to Assess the Unavailability of an Ageing System

06AP5_Importance Analysis with Markov Chains

06AP6_Implied Service Strategies in Availability Assessments

06BP1_Use of Accelerated Life Tests on Transmission Belts for Predicting Product Life, Identifying Better Designs, Materials and Suppliers

06BP2_Cost Effective Accelerated Testing

06BP3_Design of Accelerated Reliability Tests Based on Simple-Step-Stress Model

06BP4_Accelerated Testing for Demonstration of Product Lifetime Reliability

06BP5_Statistical Analysis of Accelerated Experiments in Mechanics Using a Mechanical Accelerated Life Model

6Cdoc_How to achieve assured operation with complex systems

6Cppt_How to achieve assured operation with complex systems

07CP1_Integrate HardwareSoftware Device Testing for Use in a Safety-Critical Application

07CP2_Safety of VLSI Designs Using VHDL

07CP3_Automatic Generation of Diagnostic Expert Systems from Fault Trees

07CP4_Time-to-Fa ilure Tree

07CP5_The Role of Safety Analyses in Reducing Products Liability Exposure in “Smart” Consumer Products Containing Software and Firmware

7Adoc_Statistical Analysis for Response Surface Methodology and Monte Carlo Simulation Used in Probabilistic Design and Analysis

7Bdoc_Assembling SystemNetwork Reliability

08AP1_A Risk Evaluation Approach For Safety In Aerospace Preliminary Design

08AP2_The Potential Application of Risk Assessment to the Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Project

08AP3_Using Quantitative Analysis to Make Risk-based Decisions

08AP4_Retrograde Progress of Reliability Analysis Methods

08AP5_Bayesian Estimation of the Variability of Reliability Measures

08CP1_PREDICT A Case Study, Using Fuzzy Logic

08CP2_Predicting Reliability Via Neural Networks

08CP3_Enhanced Reliability Prediction Method Based on Merging Military Standards Approach with Manufacturer’s Warranty Data

08CP4_Comparing Reliability Predictions to Field Data for Plastic Parts in a Military, Airborne Environment

08CP5_Reliability Prediction of Hydraulic Gasket Sealing

8Bdoc_Reliability Program Planning In A Commercial Environment

8Bppt_Reliability Program Planning In A Commercial Environment

09BP1_Integration of RAMS Information in Design Processes – A Case Study

09BP2_Reliability Centered Maintenance Maturity Level Roadmap

09BP3_A Framework for Documenting and Analyzing Life-Cycle Costs Using a Simple Network Based Representation.

09BP4_A Reliability Design Method for Private Networks

09DP1_The Use of Object Based Event Driven Simulation Modelling to Assess Viable Contractor Support Options

09DP2_Collaboration in R&M Applications

09DP3_Integrating Maintainability and Data Development

09DP4_Who’s Eating Your Lunch A Practical Guide to Determining the Weak Points of Any System.

09DP5_Development of Standard Formats for Space Systems Reliability Models

09DP6_Sharing Obsolescence Information at Raytheon with the Component Obsolescence and Reuse Tool

9Adoc_Bayesian Reliability A Conversational Overview

9Cdoc_Quality, Reliability & Warranties A Tutorial on Understanding and Practice

11AP1_Sahinoglu-Libby (SL) Probability Density Function-Component Reliability Applications in Integrated Networks

11AP2_An Approach for the Advanced Planning of a Reliability Demonstration Test based on a Bayes Procedure

11AP3_Incorporation of Expert Estimates in the Weibull Representation of Age-Dependent Reliability

11AP4_Developing MESA An Accelerated Reliability Test

11Bdoc_Fault Tree Analysis in Product Reliability Improvement

11Bppt_Fault Tree Analysis in Product Reliability Improvement

11CP1_Environmental Screening and Relevant Accelerated Tests for Products in an Outdoor Ground Environment

11CP2_Remaining Life Assessment of Aging Electronics in Avionic Applications

11CP4_Long Term Aging of Electronics Systems & Maintainability Strategy for Critical Applications

11CP5_A Study on Component Obsolescence Mitigation Strategies and Their Impact on R&M

11DP1_Performability Modeling and Decision Support for Computer Telephony Integration

11DP2_Use of Nested Renewals to Model Availability Under Opportunistic Maintenance Policies

11DP3_A Practical Approach to System Reliability Growth Modeling and Improvement

11DP4_Fuzzy Reliability in Conceptual Design

12Adoc_Introduction to Dynamic Robust Design

12Appt_Dynamic Robust Design

12BP1_A Process for Failure Modes and Effects Analysis of Computer Software

12BP2_Rectifying FMEA – The Inter-Crossing Method

12BP3_A New Approach To Solve Dynamic Fault Trees

12BP4_An Assessment of RPN Prioritization in a Failure Modes Effects and Criticality Analysis

12CP1_Simulation Model for Aircraft Line Maintenance Planning

12CP2_Methods for Reducing the Cost to Maintain a Fleet of Repairable Systems

12CP3_Preventive Maintenance Optimization on the Basis of Operating Data Analysis

12CP4_A Maintenance Policy Optimized with Imperfect andor Partial Monitoring

12CP5_Cost-Optimized Scheduled Maintenance Interval for Reliability-Centered Maintenance

12CP6_Bounds on Optimal Replacement Time of Age Replacement Policy

12DP1_Development Of An Expert System For Reliability Task Planning As Part Of The REMM Methodology

12DP2_An Event Based Database For The Support Of A Holistic Reliability Assessment Tool

12DP3_Comparison of Reliability Enhancement Tests for Electronic Equipment

12DP4_Investigating No Fault Found in the Aerospace Industry

12DP5_REMM Evaluation Process


13Appt_Modeling Realistic systems With the Monte-Carlo Method. A unified System Engineering approach

13BP1_AVL‘s Reliability Engineering Process for Engine Development

13BP2_A Business Model for Reliability

13BP3_Derivation of Technical Reliability & Maintenance Requirements for Maximised User Benefits

13BP4_Life Based Maintenance Policy for Minimum Cost

13BP5_A New Approach for Evaluating the Reliability of Highly Reliable Systems

13Cdoc_Six Sigma Process Improvement Opportunities

13DP1_System Reliability Evaluation Using Monte Carlo & Support Vector Machine

13DP2_Representing Complex Systems within Discrete Event Simulation for Reliability Assessment

13DP3_Models to Consider Load-Sharing in Reliability Calculation and Simulation of Systems Consisting of Mechanical Components

13DP4_A Technique for Characterization of Hardware System Behavior for Product Reliability Predictions

13DP5_A Technique for Characterization of Hardware System Behavior for Modelling of Mechanical Failures in a Virtual Reality Design EnvironmentReliability Predictions

14AP1_Generalization of Log-location-scale Regression Model to Thermal Fatigue Reliability in Electronic Packaging

14AP2_Reliability Prediction of Substitute Parts Based on Component Temperature Rating and Limited Accelerated Test Data

14AP3_Failure Analysis and Replacement Strategies of Distribution Transformers Using Proportional Hazard Modeling

14AP4_Graphical Analysis and Guidelines for Step-Stress Testing

14AP5_The Management Of Operational Reliability

14BP1_Power Line Maintenance With Minimal Repair And Replacement

14BP2_Distribution Systems Reliability – Lakeland Electric Case Study

14BP3_Availability Analysis of Load-Sharing Systems

14BP4_Optimal Electric Power Distribution System Reliability Indices Using Binary Programming


14CP2_Modeling the “Good Enough to Release” Decision Using V&V Preference Structures and Bayesian Belief Networks

14CP3_Reliability Analysis of Multi Element Integrated Testing in Space Systems

14CP4_Reliability Computation of an IPATM Network with Congestion

14DP1_In-Service Reliability, Maintainability and Testability Demonstrations – 15 Years of Experience

14DP2_Case Study Influences on the Availability of Machine Tools

14DP3_Indian Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) – Lessons Learnt in R&S

14DP4_Disk Drive Reliability Case Study Dependence Upon Head Fly-Height And Quantity Of Heads