RAMS 2005

05A1_The New Department of Defense (DoD) Guide for Achieving and Assessing RAM

05A2_Experience Report on the FIDES Reliability Prediction Method

05A3_Studies and Methods for Improving the Effectiveness of Reliability Tasks

05A4_Reliability Predictions Based on Customer Usage Stress Profiles

05A5_Integrated FRACAS Systems for F117 Infrared Acquisition Designation System (IRADS) Support Yield Higher MTBMA

05B1_Design-Integrated Reliability Studies According to Requirements Analysis and Return of Experience The Proposed ALSTOM Transport Company

05B2_Lifetime Multiple Response Optimization of Metal Extrusion Die

05B3_Early Reliability Prediction in Consumer Electronics Using Weibull Distribution Functions

05B4_Optimization of System Reliability Robustness Using Accelerated Degradation Testing

05D1_ATLAST Deployment & Push Pack Spares Optimization Module

05D2_MTA – A Tool for Automated Task Analysis and Lifecycle Support

05D3_An Algorithm to Code and Decode Complex Systems, and to Compute s-t Reliability

05D4_Time Analysis for Fault-Tolerant Real-Time Group-Based Scheduling

05D5_Fault Tree Analysis of Embedded Systems Using SystemC

06A1_A Method for Age Modeling of Power System Components Based on Experiences from the Design Process with the Purpose of Maintenance Optimization

06A2_Design-for-Reliability and Implementation on Power Converters

06A3_Reliability Analysis of Bulk Power Systems Using Swarm Intelligence

06B1_FTA Technique Addressing Parametric Failures of Complex Electronic and Hybrid Devices

06B2_Reliability and Maintainability Analysis of Crushing Plants in Jajarm Bauxite Mine of Iran

06B3_Ideas and Possible Approaches for Ultra-Reliability

06B4_Perils and Pitfalls of Weibull Life-Data Analysis

06B5_Evaluating System Reliability from the Customer Perspective to Improve Availability Predictions

07A1_Developing High-Level Reliability Languages Using a General Intermediate Domain

07A2_Aircraft Safety Modeling for Time-Limited Dispatch

07A3_Reliability Analysis of Hierarchical Systems

07A4_Bayesian Accelerated Life Testing Under Competing Failure Modes

07A5_UML Based Severity Analysis Methodology

07B1_Reliability Analysis of Descent Systems of Planetary Vehicles Using Bivariate Exponential Distribution

07B2_Reliability Quantification of the Flexure A Critical Stirling Convertor Component

07B3_Modeling and Analysis of Repairable Systems with General Repair

07B4_Analysis of Complex Repairable Systems

07B5_Reliability Modeling Under the Constraint of Specified Maximum Acceptable Service Interruptions

07D1_Reliability Prediction Through Degradation Data Modeling Using a Quasi-Likelihood Approach

07D2_A Graphical Approach to the Dual Response Robust Design Problems

07D3_A Customer-Focused Reliability Approach

07D4_Minimize System Reliability Variability Based on Six-Sigma Criteria Considering Component Operational Uncertainties

07D5_The Value of Field Feedback in Consumer Electronics A Case Study

08A1_Reliability Analysis of Disk Drive Failure Mechanisms

08A2_Bayesian Reliability Assessment of Gear Lifetime Under Fuzzy Environments

08A3_Memory Yield and Complexity of Built-In Self-Repair

08A4_Life Testing Hydraulic Gear Motors

08B1_A Machine Learning Approach to Estimate Frequency, Duration & Availability Indexes in Complex Networks

08B2_Statistical Model for Estimating the Failure Probability in the Field

08B3_An Interval Estimate of Mean-Time-to-Failure for a Product with Reciprocal Weibull Degradation Failure Rate

08B4_Parametric Degradation in Transistors

08B5_AMSAA Maturity Projection Model Based on Stein Estimation

09A1_Recovery of the Space Shuttle Columbia

09A2_A Summary of the NASA Glenn Ballistic Impact Lab Contributions to the Columbia Accident Investigation

09A3_Space Shuttle External Tank (ET) Return to Flight (RTF) and Beyond Initiative Implementation

09B1_Addressing the Performance of Two Software Reliability Modeling Methods

09B2_Bootstrap-Based Techniques for Computing Confidence Intervals in Monte Carlo System Reliability Evaluation

09B3_New Study on MLE for Censored Lifetime Data

09B4_Reliability Analysis of Phased Mission Systems with Common Cause Failures

09D1_Life Modelling of a Plastic Automotive Component

09D2_A Sigmoid Process for Modeling Warranty Repairs

09D3_FMEA Used in Assessing Warranty Costs

09D4_Reliability Prediction Using Multivariate Degradation Data

09D5_A New Model Formalism for Mechanical-Based Reliability Analysis of Systems

11A1_Forecasting Technology Insertion Concurrent with Design Refresh Planning for COTS-Based Electronic Systems

11A2_A Novel Approach for Spares Optimization of Complex Repairable Systems

11A3_Cost Analysis of Adaptive Fault Management

11A4_Uses (and Abuses) of Standard and Non-Parametric Statistical Methods in the Analysis of Aging Aircraft R&M Data

11B1_Soft Reliability, a New Class of Problems for Innovative Products "How to Approach Them&quot

11B2_Managing Quality & Reliability with Less Information

11B3_A State of Research Review on Fault Injection Techniques and a Case Study

11B4_Competing Failure Mode Modeling in a Bayesian Reliability Assessment Tool

11D1_Component Repairs When to Perform and What to Do

11D2_Maintenance Cost Benefit Analysis of Production Shops – An Availability Based Approach

11D3_On the Application of Quasi-Renewal Theory in Optimization of Imperfect Maintenance Policies

11D4_Repairable Systems Reliability Trend Tests and Evaluation

12A1_A Decision Support Model for Determining the Applicability of Prognostic Health Management (PHM) Approaches to Electronic Systems

12A2_Economic Allocation of Target Reliability in Modular Software Systems

12A3_Reliability and Availability Cost Design Tradeoffs for HA Systems

12A4_What is Truth A Practical Guide to Comparing Reliability Equation Answers to Simulation Results

12B1_The Synergistic Twins Fault Trees and Success Trees

12B2_A New Bayesian Network Approach to Solve Dynamic Fault Trees

12B3_Multiple Failure Mode and Effects Analysis – An Approach to Risk Assessment of Multiple Failures with FMEA

12B4_Bouncing Failure Analysis (BFA) The Unified FTA-FMEA Methodology

12B5_Extending the Expressive Power of Fault Trees

13A1_Improvement of Sequential Probability Ratio Tests by Acceleration and Automation of Test Planning

13A2_Analysis of the Staircase Method Considering the Bayes Theorem

13A3_IC Modeling for Yield-Aware Design with Variable Defect Rates

13A4_Designing a Reliability Test Plan Using Customer Usage and Bench Life Test Data

13B1_Risk Assessment of Wire Failures Causing Uncommanded Orbiter RCS Firing While Docked at the ISS

13B2_Orbital Debris and Associated Space Flight Risks

13B3_A Soft Error Mitigation Scheme for Safety-Critical Computer Systems

13B4_Analysis of Decision Strategies for Supervising Process Safety

13D1_The Design of an Efficient Real-Time Maintenance Prioritization Tool

13D2_New Concept for Aircraft Maintenance Management The "Dolphin Curve Life Cycle Model" of a Typical Repairable System

13D3_Simple Plots for Monitoring the Field Reliability of Repairable Systems

13D4_An Intelligent Reliability Centered Maintenance Analysis System Based on Case-Based Reasoning & Rule-Based Reasoning

14A1_Time Accelerated Ultrasonic Testing for Disk Drive Suspension Assemblies

14A2_Accelerated Temperature Cycle Test and Coffin-Manson Model for Electronic Packaging

14A3_Accelerated Test with Unknown Acceleration Model

14A4_Dependability Benchmarking Using Environmental Test Tools

14A5_Early Failure Detection System for the SAB80C537 Microcontroller

14B1_Accident Sequence Evaluation of Complex Systems with Multiple Independent Protective Systems

14B2_Improved Software-Based Processor Control-Flow Errors Detection Technique

14B3_A Comparison of Techniques for Computing PFD Average

14B4_Safety Management Systems – New Wine, Old Skins

14B5_An Approach for the Introduction of Passive System Unavailability in an Accident Sequence

14D1_Constructing a Stability Index for Software Using Probability Ratio Sequential Testing

14D2_Software Reliability Analysis with Component-Level Fault Tolerance

14D3_Quantitative Vulnerability Assessment of Systems Software

14D4_Software Reliability Improvement Through Operational Profile Driven Testing

14D5_Variance Expressions for Software Reliability Growth Models