RAMS 2013

RAMS 2013 Proceedings

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A Bayesian Approach to Online System Health Monitoring

A Cost-Effective Early Warning System for Improving the Reliability of Power Systems

A Framework to Generate Fault-Based Behavior Models for Complex System Design

A Generic Method for Modeling Accelerated Life Testing Data

A Lifetime Model for Piezoceramic Actuators in Adaptronic Systems

A Multicriteria Failure Mode and Effects Analysis Approach for Optimizing Human Safety

A New Response Surface Approach for Time-Variant Reliability Analysis

A Novel Risk Assessment Technology Based On ALARP Criterion

A Predictive Maintenance Policy Based on the Blade of Offshore Wind Turbine

A Prognostic Maintenance Policy – Effect on Component Lifetimes

A Robust Design Method to Improve Performance Reliability Based on Degradation Characteristic

Accelerated Fatigue Tests For Reliability Estimation Of Chassis Parts

Accelerated Testing for 2-year Storage

Acoustic Emission-Based Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction

Allocating Reliability & Maintainability Goals to NASA Ground Systems

Allocation Analysis – Challenges & Solutions

An Efficient Fatigue-Creep Interaction Life Prediction Model Based on Frequency Separation and Strain Energy Damage Theory

An Exploration of PRA Methodology used in Spacecraft Design

An Improved Risk Priority Number Method Based on AHP

Application of the R&M Case Process for a UK Armoured Fighting Vehicle Programme

Applications of Non-Inferiority Testing on Product Reliability

Applications of Relative Risk Evaluations in the Spacecraft Development

Availability Estimation of a Photovoltaic System

Availability Maximization and Cost Study in Multi-State Systems

Bayesian Parametric Analysis for Reliability Study of Locomotive Wheels

Bayesian probability approach for Exponential AFT

Benchmarking RAMS Driven Design Best-Practices in Civil and Military Aerospace

Better Bottom Line Through Lower Component Stress Bridging Software and Hardware FMEA in Complex Systems

Case Study of Cost Benefits of Condition Based Maintenance Used in Medical Devices

Celebrating Fifty Years of Physics of Failure

Characteristic Instantaneous Relevant Reversible Failures and Reliability of Modern Mass-Produced Electronics

Comparison Of Reliability Prediction Methods Using Life Cycle Cost Analysis

Competing Failure Modes Modeling with Limited Wearout Failures

Condition Monitoring and Identification of Failure Modes of Subsea Electrical Components

Condition-based Replacement Policy for a Device Using Interval-Censored Inspection Data

Data Collection and Analysis for More Competitive Warranties

Deciding When Reliability Demonstration Is Best For the Bottom Line

Defect Types and Surveillance Strategies for One-Shot Items

Dependability Assessment of Large Railway Systems Design Interface – The Nexus of Engineering and Product Support

Designing a System to Manage Field Reliability

Determine Component Probability from NASA Ground System Problem Reports

Developing a Reliability, Availability and Maintainability Process

Developing Effective Reliability Growth Strategies for DoD Programs

DFR, Moving from 4 Traditional to 33 Innovative Ways to Improve Reliability

Dynamic System Multi-scale Reliability Modeling Method based-on Hybrid Theory

Effective Implementation of an Enterprise Reliability Program with Suppliers

Effective Management Of Functional Safety For ISO 26262 Standard

Effective R&M Activities

Effective Use Of Accelerated Testing In The Medical Device Industry

Emerging Trends in Risk Assessment and Evaluation

Establishing Product Reliability Goals

Estimating Component Reliabilities from Incomplete System Failure Data

Evaluating Disaster Recovery Plans Using the Cloud

Exposing Software Security and Availability Risks for Commercial Mobile Devices

Failure Demand Analysis Technique For Optimizing Design Reliability

Field Reliability Prediction Based on Degradation Data and Environmental Data

FMEA for Rework Reduction in Medical Device Software-Experience

FMEA on FMEA FMEAs Using a Functional Modeling Based Approach

FRACAS Improves Production Bottom Line Generating Optimal Design For ALT Experiment With Time Censoring

Human Space Mission Architecture Risk Analysis

IDREMA-Process Identification of Reference Market for Defects Part Routing

Implementation of FMEA to Improve the Reliability of GEO Satellite Payload

Improving Product’s Reliability by Stress Derating and Design Rules Check

Increasing Intelligent Systems’ Reliability by Using Reconfiguration

Integrated Circuit Reliability Prediction Based on Physics-of-Failure Models in Conjunction with Field Study

International R&MSafety Cooperation Lessons Learned Between NASA and JAXA

Launch Vehicle Debris Models and Crew Vehicle Ascent Abort Risk

Life Prediction of Multiple Performance Parameters ADT based on Multidimensional Time Series Analysis Managing Suppliers Reliability Programs

Model for Treatment of Incomplete Records in Preventive Maintenance

Modeling and Analysis for Degradation with an Initiation Time

Modeling Breast Cancer Progression and Evaluating Screening Policies

Modelling Maintenance in Railway Infrastructure Management

Models and Methods for Determining Storage Reliability

Monte Carlo Evidence for Need of Improved Percolation Model for Non-Weibullian Degradation in High-κ Dielectrics

Near-Earth Phase Risk Comparison of Human Mars Campaign Architectures

Noise-based Prognostic Design for Real-Time Degradation Analysis of Nanodevice Dielectric Breakdown

On A Weibull Related Distribution Model with Decreasing, Increasing and Upside-down Bathtub-shaped Failure Rate

Optimal Design Configurations of Fault-Tolerant Systems Optimal Software Rejuvenation Policies

Optimizing Maintenance Policies based on Discrete Event Simulation and the OCBA Mechanism

Performance Degeneration Analysis and Reliability Evaluation of Servo Valve

Physics of Failure for Portable Electronic Devices in Military Applications

Physics-Based Life Distribution and Reliability Modeling of SSD

Post-Servicing Failure Rates Optimizing Preventive Maintenance Interval and Quantifying Maintenance Induced Failure in Repairable Systems

Practical Applications of Mixture Models to Complex Time-to-Failure Data

Practical Bayesian Methods for Determining Device Failure Rates from Zero-Failure Data

Predicting Field Performance Based on FEA and Monte Carlo Simulation Techniques

Predictive Analytics Assessing Failure Rate Accuracy & Failure Completeness

Predictive Reliability Models for Variable Frequency Drives Based on Application Profiles

Pre-proposal Assessment of Reliability for Spacecraft Docking with Limited Information

Probability of Failure per Flight Computations for Aircraft Systems

Prognostics for Electronic Components Quantifying the System Test Process

R&M Challenges of Warship Modernization

Redundancy Modeling for the X-Sat Microsatellite System

Reliability Analysis and Optimization of Modular Converter System of Wind Turbines in Design

Reliability Analysis in Model-Driven Development of Embedded Systems

Reliability Analysis of a Direct-Liquid Cooling System of Direct Drive Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

Reliability Analysis of an Automated Aircraft Structural Parts Production Line

Reliability and Maintainability Analysis of a High Air Pressure Compressor Facility

Reliability Assessment of IGBT Modules Modeled as Systems with Correlated Components

Reliability Considerations of ULP Scaled CMOS

Reliability Growth Analysis Tailored for Continuous Process Plants

Reliability Growth Model in Early Design Stages Reliability Modeling for Appliances Using the Proportional Hazard Model

Reliability Modeling of Wireless Sensors

Reliability Modeling that Combines Markov Analysis and Weibull Distributions

Reliability of Load-Sharing Systems Subject to Proportional Hazards Model

Reliability of Phased Mission Systems with Warm Standby Subsystems

Reliability of Phased-Mission Systems Subject to Competing Failures

Reliability of Scale-Free Complex Networks

Reliability Prediction Of Constant Fraction Discriminator Using Modified POF Approach

Reliability Predictions – Continued Reliance on a Misleading Approach Reliability Roadmap and Industry Collaboration

Reliability Tools Enable Strategic Problem Resolution & Savings

Remaining Useful Life Prediction of MEMS Sensors Used in Automotive Under Random Vibration Loading

Return on Investment for a Design for Reliability Program

Risk Analysis & Management in Student-Centered Spacecraft Development Projects

Risk Analysis of E-tourism Service Supply Chain

Risk Comparison Method, Assumptions, and Issues

Risk-informed Maintenance for Non-coherent Systems

Role of Human Factors Usability Engineering in Medical Device Design

Rotor Fault Diagnosis for Machinery Fault Simulator under Varied Loads

Security Assessment of an Electric Power System

Sensitivity Models for Steady-State and Dynamic State Probabilities and its Application to Protection System Reliability Evaluation

Software Failure Modes and Effects Analysis

Software Reliability Modeling Based on SVM and Virtual Sample

Storage Life Prediction of Electromagnetic Relay Based on PoF Analysis

Superior Reliability Prediction in Design and Development Phase

System Level Reliability Analyses and Predictions in a Varying Stress Environment

System Reliability for Seismic Sensing

The Business Case for Reliability and Warranty Costs

The Multi- objective Optimization Problem with Fuzzy Goal Programming

Top-down vs. Bottom-up Risk Assessment Consistent, Contradictory or Complimentary

Uncertainty Management in Model-Based Imputation for Missing Data

Understanding Operational Availability in Performance-Based Logistics and Maintenance Services

Using a Triage Risk Identification Process to Improve Monte Carlo Schedule Risk Analysis Efficiency

Using Human Simulation in Developing Implantable Medical Device Leads

Using Reliability Modeling and Accelerated Life Testing to Estimate Solar Inverter Useful Life

Weighted Time Series Prediction with Multi-kernel LS-SVR

What We Can Learn about Reliability and Safety Analyses from Different Industries

When Good Requirements Turn Bad