RAMS 2012

RAMS 2012 Proceedings

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A Comparison of RAID Storage Schemes Reliability and Efficiency

A Comparison of Two Confidence Bound Methods to Estimate Reliability

A Failure Modes and Mechanisms Naming Taxonomy

A Formal Approach to Safety Verification of Railway Signaling Systems

A Framework for Condition-Based Maintenance Scheduling

A Mission Oriented Accident Model based on Hybrid Dynamic System

A New Tolerance Design Method for LED Lamp Driver with Performance Degradation Model

A Reliable Service Discovery protocol using Mobile Agents in MANET

A Risk Analysis Framework on GPS User Range Accuracy

A simple algorithm for sum of disjoint products

A Strategic Approach to Technical and Product Data Management

Accelerated Aging in Electrolytic Capacitors for Prognostics

Accelerated Fatigue Test For Automotive Chassis Parts Design

An Overview Accurately Estimating the Number of Spares for a Repairable System

An Analysis Method of Landing Safety Based on Rough Set Theory

An Availability Analysis on SONET Ring Networks in Power Grid Communications

An Equivalent Age Model for Condition-based Maintenance

An Improvement for HTA based on Cognitive Process

An Objective Look at Predictions – Ask Questions, Challenge Answers

Application of Modeling and Simulation for High Risk Failure Modes

Automated Design of Reconfiguration Strategies Increases Reliability

Automatic and Optimal Allocation of Safety Integrity Levels

Availability Estimation for Facilities in Extreme Geographical Locations

Best Practices for Fitting the 1-Parameter Weibull Distribution

Beyond FRACAS Integrating Field Failures and Field Data

Combining System Safety & Reliability to Ensure NASA CoNNeCT’s Success

Comparison Modeling of System Reliability for Future NASA Projects

Controllability-involved Risk Assessment Model for Carrier-landing of Aircraft

Demonstrating Reliability Growth Requirements with Confidence

Design FMEA for A Diesel Engine Using Two Risk Priority Numbers

Design of Reliable System Based on Dynamic Bayesian Networks and Genetic Algorithm

Determine and Design the Best ALT

Determining Reliability by Failure Rate Estimation via a New Parameter

Determining the Availability on a System of Systems Network

Development of Optimal Accelerated Test Plan

Differential Cost of Quality Does Your System Have Sufficient Diagnostics Coverage

Dynamic Response Degradation of Aged Digital ICs

Early Probabilistic Reliability Analysis of Mechatronic Systems

Efficient Analysis of Warm Standby Systems using Central Limit Theorem

Epistemic Uncertainty in Reliability-Based Design Optimization

Establishing Effective ORT Requirements

Extended Friction Model of a Hydraulic Actuated System

Failure Assessment and HALT Test of Electrical Converters

Fault Diagnosis for Multi-State Equipment with Multiple Failure Modes

Hazards in Advising Autonomy Inferring Hazard Causes in UAS Dynamics

Integrated Importance Analysis with Markov Bayesian Networks

Integrated Importance based Maintenance Decision Making

Introducing a G-renewal Component in System Reliability Analysis

Investment in reliability program versus return – how to decide

Know, Predict, Control A Case Study in Services Management

Launch Vehicle Reliability Growth

Leakage-Detection in Blade Pitch Control Systems forWind Turbines

Limitations of Explicit Modeling of Common Cause Failures within Fault Trees

Logical Analysis of Maintenance and Performance Data of Physical Assets

Monitoring Product Reliability and Supply Chain Logistics in Warranty Data

NASA Applications and Lessons Learned in Reliability Engineering

Non-Destructive Testing of Machines to Reduce Maintenance Time and Cost

OMSP Failure detection based on small field part and data volumes

On Planning Accelerated Life Tests for Comparing Two Product Designs

Operational Availability Modeling and Simulation Evaluation

Optimizing R&M Performance of a System Using Monte Carlo Simulation

Outage Performance Improvement by Preventive Maintenance Optimization

Parameters Determination for Adaptive Bathtub-shaped Curve using Artificial Fish Swarm Algorithm

Planning, Tracking, and Projecting Reliability Growth a Bayesian Approach

Power Law Model, Correct Application in Reliability Growth Do the Cumulative Times Indeed Always Add Up

Power Supply ESS A Case Study Evaluating IPC 9592A Recommendations

Pre-proposal Assessment of Reliability for Spacecraft and Instruments

Product Reliability Testing for Railway Applications Implementing EN50125-3

Prognostics Approach for Power MOSFET under Thermal-Stress Aging Properly

Assessing Mechanical Component Failure Rates

Random Field Modeling with Insufficient Data Sets for Probability Analysis

Redundancy Allocation for k-out-of-n G Systems with Mixed Spare Types

Reliability Analysis for Components under Thermal Mechanical Loadings

Reliability Analysis of Substation Automation System Functions

Reliability and Availability Analysis for Large Networking System

Reliability and Maintainability Activities In Indian Railways

Reliability Engineering Approach to Achieve RCM for Mechanical Systems

Reliability Estimation from Test Data Using Two Different Approaches

Reliability Evaluation of Phased-Mission Systems with Load-Sharing Components

Reliability insights from 15 million electric miles

Reliability of k-out-of-n Standby Systems with Gamma Distributions

Reliability of Wind Turbine Components –Solder Elements Fatigue Failure

Reliability Testing, Analysis and Prediction of Balancing Resistors

Reliability-based Topology Optimization Considering Corrosion

Risk Based Maintenance Deferral for Components Subject to Hidden Failure

Risk Comparison of Crew Launch Vehicle Concepts

Risk-Informed Preventive Maintenance Optimization

RUL prediction using moving trajectories between SVM hyper planes

Safety Sensitivity Analysis for Safety-Critical Systems using Markov Chain Modular Approach

Securing the Reliability of Tomorrow’s Systems with Self Optimization

Software Reliability Allocation with Safety Concerns In Medical Devices

Spaceflight Ground Support Equipment Reliability & System Safety Data

Study of Column Grid Array Components for Space Systems

Temporal Network Reliability in Perturbed Scenarios

Ten Things You Should Know About HALT & HASS

The Safety Analysis of Flight Landing based on Time Petri Net

The Throughput, Reliability, Availability, Maintainability (TRAM) Methodology for Predicting Chemical Plant Production

The Useful Synergies Between Prognostics and HALT and HASS

Transformation Of Thermal Ink-Jet Product Reliability Strategy

Understanding HALT Application in Desktop, NB and Server

Unified Uncertainty Analysis Using the Maximum Entropy Approach and Simulation

Using FMEA to Evaluate New Business Demands Uncertainties

What Is Design for Reliability and What Is Not