RAMS 2014

RAMS 2014 Proceedings

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A Capability Maturity Model for R&M Engineering

A Combined Prediction Method for the Life of Product Based on PSO with Immunity Algorithms

A Discourse on Software Safety and Software Reliability

A Game-Theoretic Model for Outsourcing Maintenance Services

A Life Prediction Approach Based on Integrated Failure Information

A Method for Reliability Allocation with Confidence Level

A New Framework for Risk Assessment in ERP Maintenance

A Phased-Mission Framework for Communication Reliability in WSN

A Piece-Wise Constant Failure Intensity Model

A Synthetic Risk Assessment Model Based On AHP

A Time-Dependent Link Failure Model for Wireless Sensor Networks

A Validation Study for a SHM Technology under Operational Environment

A Value Based Model to Correlate R&M Investments and System Performance

Accelerating Accurate Fault Tree Analysis Using HWSW Co-Design

Acceptance Sampling Plan of Accelerated Life Testing for Exponential Distribution under Time-Censoring

Achieving Maintenance Operations Excellence through the RCM Program

An Aircraft Maintenance Free Operating Period Allocation Approach

An Effective and Systematic Design FMEA Approach

An Improved RI for Missing Degradation Data Based on Brownian Motion

Analysis for Locomotive Wheels’ Degradation

Analysis of Degradation Process with Measurement Errors

Analysis of Software Contributions to Military Aviation and Drone Mishaps

Applying Design for Reliability to Increase Reliability Confidence

Assessing Reliability Using Developmental and Operational Test Data

Automatic Graph-based Success Tree Construction and Analysis

Availability of Data Communication Networks in Automated Urban Train Systems

CAE Apps for Physics of Failure Reliability & Durability Simulations

Calculation of Failure Level Based on Inverse First Passage Problem

Characterization of the Consistency of Healthcare Components Using LDA

Comparison of Classical and Bayesian Models Using BLR

Competing Failure or Mixed Failure Models

Comprehensive Approach for the Reliability Prediction of Complex Systems

Cost-Benefit Approach to Degradation of Electrolytic Capacitors

CoVeR Maintenance and Maintainability Requirements by Using Tools

Critical Asset Performance Standards (CAPS) Development for Offshore Reliability

Decision Theory for Reliability Engineers and Reliability Managers

De-rating Design and Analysis for Safety and Reliability

Design for Reliability for the High Reliability Fuze

Determination of the Effects for Capacitor Lifetime with Six Sigma DoE

Dynamic Behavior of Operating Crew in Complex Systems

Empirical Reliability Models for Generator Circuit-Breakers

Enabling Technologies For Enterprise Reliability

Estimating the Management Strategy for Reliability Growth Planning

Failure Mode Prioritization by Improved RPN Calculation Method

Failure Prediction By Means Of Advanced Usage Data Analysis

Fatigue Calculations that Demonstrate the Safety of HASS

Field Repairable System Modeling with Missing Failure Information

Fuzzy Time-Dependent Reliability Modeling and Analysis Method for Mechanisms Based on Strength Degradation

How To Create a Successful Career in Reliability Engineering

HRA for Detection and Suppression Activities in Response to Fire Events

Learning Theory A New Perspective for Reliability Testing Evaluation

Life After Failure

Lifetime Analysis of Wireless Sensor Networks under Retransmission

Multicriteria Model of Inspection in a Power Distribution Company

Network Performance Reliability Evaluation Based on Network Reduction

Optimal Inspection Model for a Load-Sharing Redundant System

Optimal Redundancy Allocation Using Log-Concave Properties

Optimizing Simultaneously Inspection Interval and Inventory Levels (s,S) for a k-out-of-n System

Predicting Circuit Board Reliability for Motor Drives under Varying Application and Environmental Conditions

Prospects for Software Security Growth Modeling

Protecting Aircraft Fuel Tanks Using Reliability Analysis

Qualitative Reliability Growth – An Affordability Screening Approach

Quantitative Risk Assessment Enhances Customer Trust in Aviation

Rapid Labelling of SCADA Data to Extract Transparent Rules using RIPPER

Recovery Block Fault Tolerance Considering Correlated Failures

Reliability Analysis of “Sibling” Components

Reliability and Maintainability – Key To Launch Vehicle Affordability

Reliability Evaluation of Propulsion System of Tunnel Boring Machine

Reliability for Operational Assets A Recipe for Cost Avoidance

Reliability Growth Planning Based on Essential Function Failures

Reliability Growth Testing, What is the Real Final Result Accelerated Test Methodology for Reliability Growth

Reliability Modeling of a Jet Pipe Electrohydraulic Servo Valve

Reliability Modeling of A Warm Standby Redundancy Configuration

Reliability Modeling of Complex Mechanical System Using CTHPN

Reliability of Two Failure Mode Systems Subject to Correlated Failures

Reliability Products for Space Launch Vehicle Safety Assessments

Reliability-based Health Monitoring Redline Voting Logic Design

Research on Degradation Behavior Propagation Model Based on Wear

Research on the Project Critical Activity Uncertainty Risk Assessment

Resilience A Holistic Safety Approach

Risk Management in Lean Product Development

Security Attack Mitigation Framework for the Cloud

Selecting Failure Countermeasures through Decision Network Analysis

Semiconductor Reliability Using Random and Wearout Failure Models

Simulation-Based Risk Management of Product-Service Systems

Structure-based System Fault Behavior Modeling Method

Sustainability Approach to Aircraft Maintenance at Design Stage

System Level Accelerated Demonstration Tests Design Approach and Application

Test Profile Design for Avionics Full-Duplex Switched Ethernet

The Applicability of BFA and LCCA to Analyze Reliability of Power System

The Availability Parameters System of Satellite Navigation System

The Effect Of Deterioration On Spare Parts Holding

The Implementation of System Modeling Methods in Safety Engineering

The Thirty Greatest Reliability Challenges

Using Accelerated Life Testing Techniques for Preventive Maintenance Scheduling

Utilizing Design of Experiments to Reduce IT System Testing Cost