RAMS 2015

RAMS 2015 Proceedings

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A Bayesian Approach for a Complex System Utilizing Imperfect Information_09E1

A Crack Monitoring Method Based on Microstrip Patch Antenna_07D1

A Degradation Evaluation Method Based on Data from Multi-Conditions_08E1

A Dual-Parameter Optimization KPCA Method for Process Fault Diagnosis_12E2

A Failure Mode Avoidance Approach to Reliability_11D4

A Failure-Mechanism-and-Data Integrated System Degradation Analysis_02P7

A New Hybrid Traffic Generation Model for Tactical Internet Reliability Test_02P8

A New Model of Network Cascading Failures with Dependent Nodes_13D4

A New Reliability Growth Model with Dual-Time Domain – A Hard Disk Drive Perspective_05E3

A Novel Performability Assessment Approach of Mobile Ad Hoc Network_02P6

A Petri Net Model for Electrical Power Systems Operating Procedures_14D4

A Power Loss Model for a Solar String with Mixed Cell Types_07D3

A Quantitative Model of Equipment Development Quality Risk Conduction_12D3

A SOS Reliability Evaluate Approach Based on GERT_01P12

A Study of the Quantitative Methods that Support RCM Operation_05E1

A System for Design Decisions Based on Reliability Block Diagrams_07C1

A Vision for Spaceflight Reliability NASA’s Objectives Based Strategy_14D2

Accelerated Degradation Testing of Coating of PCB under Humid Heat Environment_08E3

Acceleration Methods for Monte Carlo Simulation of Rare Events_09E3

Advantages of IEEE P1633 for Practicing Software Reliability_02P11

Advantages of Simulation Based Reliability Growth Planning_01P15

Agitation System Accelerated Life Testing_09C3

An Adaptive EM Algorithm for NHPP Software Reliability Models_01C4

An Application Oriented Evaluation Method for Network Performance Reliability_13D3

An Improved d-MP Search Algorithm for Multi-State Networks13D1

An Improved Method for Mission Risk Analysis of the Satellite ACS_01P6

An Introduction to Optimization Methods_TN-11A

An Introduction to Probability Models_TN-01A

An Introduction to Quantification of Reliability Burn-In and Environmental Stress Screening_TN-11B

An Introduction to Reliability Physics and Physics of Failure Methods_TN-01B

An Updated Bibliography of Accelerated Test Plans_05C2

Applying Accelerated Testing in Lean Product Development_TN-03B

Aridity as a Factor in Estimating the Lifespan of Electronic Systems_13C3

Asset Maintenance Simulation the Case-Study of an Offshore Wind Farm_01P2

Battery Prognostics with Uncertainty Fusion for Aerospace Applications_07D4

Bayesian Network for Reliability Prediction in Functional Design Stage_09D3

Bayesian Reliability Modeling for PassFail Systems with Sparse Data_06E4

Board Level Reliability Enhancements for Wafer Level Package_12C2

Capture All Critical Failure Modes into FMEA in Half the Time with a Simple Decomposition Table_11D1

CCF Structural Reliability Estimation under Statistical Uncertainty_07E1

Comparative Analysis of Static and Dynamic Probabilistic Risk Assessment_08D3

Complexities of System of Systems Operational Availability Modeling_02D2

Condition Based Maintenance Theory, Methodology, & Application_TN-02B

Correlated Consecutive 2-out-of-n Failed Systems_02P2

Cost Effectiveness of Condition Based Maintenance in Manufacturing_12C4

Customizing a Process Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) Based on Manufacturing Processes_TN-09B

Design Integration of Hosted Payloads – Do No Harm Analysis_13C2

Determining the Right Sample Size for Your Test Theory and Application_TN-06B

Dynamic Approaches to Risk and Reliability_TN-05B

Early Detection for Quality and Reliability Management_05E2

Electric Field Mapping Inside Metallized Film Capacitors_11D3

Electronic Part Failure Analysis Tools and Techniques_TN-12B

Electro-Thermal Modeling of High Power IGBT Module Short-_11E4

Employing Optimal Experimental Design to Optimize the Accelerated Life Test Plan for TDDB_09C2

Engineering Availability in Systems-of-Systems_TN-14A

ESSHASS Effectiveness Model for Yield and Screen Profile Optimization_08E2

Estimating and Using Direct Operating Cost as a Design Parameter_06D4

Experiences in Reliability Data Analyses_TN-13A

Extraction and Exploitation of R&M Knowledge from a Fleet Perspective_02E1

Failure Mode Effects And Criticality Analysis (FMECA) For Space Launch Vehicle Safety_01P17

FMECA Applications and Lessons Learned_01P18

Fourteen Ways to Learn Reliability Engineering_01P5

F-PLD Data Retention Times and Test Methods_09C4

FTA vs. RBD – Differences and Similarities for System Modeling_TN-14B

Function Based Reliability Targets Under Budgetary Constraints_05D1

Gas Turbine APU Reliability Modeling and Failure Forecasting_03E3

Geometric G1–Renewal Process as Repairable System Model_02D1

HALTs from Hell_08E4

Health-Assessment Methodology Research for SMPS Based on Simulation_03D4

How the Internet of Things Will Improve Reliability Tracking_01P3

How to Improve Your Ability to Persuade_02P3

How to Make Outstanding Reliability Presentations_TN-08B

Hybrid DBN Monitoring and Anomaly Detection Algorithms for On-line SHM_12E4

Impact Analysis of Prior Distributions on ADT Bayesian Optimization Design Based on DIC_05C4

Implementing a more-relevant reliability estimation process, applicable to multiple industries R3 Estimator_05D2

Importance Measure of Multi-State Element Variation_01P14

Influence of Tested Samples on Acceleration Factors Variation_09C1

Infusing Reliability Techniques into Software Safety Analysis_08D1

Insights into Process Reliability through Simulation_14C4

Interpretable Pattern-Based Machine Learning_TN-13B

Introduction to Fault Tree Analysis_TN-07A

Introduction to Life Data Analysis_TN-05A

Introduction to R & M Management_TN-03A

Investigation of BEOL Plasma Process Induced Damage Effect on Gate Oxide_02C2

Leveraging Big Data to Improve Reliability & Maintainability_13C1

Leveraging Prior Knowledge into Life Test Design_06E2

Leveraging Unstructured Data to Detect Emerging Reliability Issues_14C1

Life Data Analysis Using the Competing Failure Modes Technique_07C4

Maintenance Resource Planning for Utility Poles in a Power Distribution Network_02E4

Maximizing the Lifetime of Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Networks_02P5

Measuring Reliability During Product Development Considering Aleatory and Epistemic Uncertainty_07E2

Mechanical Reliability of a 126 kV Single-break Vacuum Circuit Breaker_12C1

Mission Reliability Analysis of Phased-Mission Systems-of-Systems with Data Sharing Capability_07E3

Modeling and analysis of dependable systems through Generalized Continuous Time Bayesian Networks_01D4

Modeling Multiple Preventative Maintenance Actions in a RAMS Analysis_14C3

Modeling of Function Failure Propagation Across Uncoupled Systems_12D1

Modeling of SW Reliability in Early Design with Planning and Measurement of its Reliability Growth_01C1

Modeling System Based on Fuzzy Dynamic Bayesian Network for Fault Diagnosis and Reliability Prediction_12E1

Modelling Delay Propagation within a Train Communication Network_01P7

Multi-Branch Hidden Semi-Markov Modeling for RUL Prognosis_03D1

Multiple Failure Modes Prognostics Using Logical Analysis of Data_12E3

Nonparametric Data Reduction Approach for Large-Scale Survival Data Analysis_07C3

On Application of an Imperfect Repair Model in Maintenance Scheduling_12C3

On Determining Optimal Inspection Interval for Minimizing Maintenance Cost_05D4

On the Use of Jump-Diffusion Process for Maintenance Decision-Making A First Step_02D3

Operation and Maintenance Decision-Making using Prognostic Information_03D3

Optimal Availability Improvement for Digital Switching Systems_07E4

Optimal Partly Repairable Spare Inventory Policy by MDP Under Warranty_06D3

Optimal Sustainable Vehicle Replacement Model_06D1

Optimizing Reliability Testing with Limited Resources_06E1

Organic Embedded Architecture for Sustainable FPGA Soft-Core Processors_01P9

Overview of Functional Safety Concepts_TN-07B

PBR A Method to Meet Life Cycle Affordability Goals_02C3

Performance-Based Aggregation of Expert Opinions for Reliability Prediction of Arctic Offshore Facilities_03E2

Physics of Failure, Predictive Modeling & Data Analytics for LOCA Frequency_01P16

Planning Accelerated Destructive Degradation Tests with Initiation Time_05C3

Practical Applications of Semiconductor Reliability Modeling_11E1

Practical Approaches for Reliability Evaluation_TN-12A

Probabilistic Competing Failure Analysis in Body Sensor Networks_09D2

Quantitative Mission Risk Assessment for Space Providing an Objective Picture for Decision-Makers_12D2

Redefining Reliability Evaluations for Software-Intensive Systems_01C3

Redundancy Allocation with Non-Identical Component and Uncertainty_02P9

Reliability & Maintainability Applications in Logistics & Supply Chain_05D3

Reliability Analysis of a Hybrid Car Drive System with ECSPN_09D1

Reliability Analysis of Cold Standby System with Scheduled Backups_01D3

Reliability Analysis of Multi-state Systems with S-dependent Components_01D1

Reliability Analysis of Organic Fibres using Limited Data_01P20

Reliability Analysis of Underwater Sensor Network Packet Transmission_13D2

Reliability and Probabilistic Risk Assessment – How They Play Together_03E1

Reliability Based Optimization in Hybrid Wireless Sensor Networks_02P10

Reliability Centered Maintenance Cost Modeling Lost Opportunity Cost_02E2

Reliability Characterization and Modeling of Solid-State Drives_02C1

Reliability growth assessment under several operating stress conditions_01P8

Reliability Growth Planning Curves Based on Multi-Phase Projections_12D4

Reliability modeling of complex mechanism system using GBN_01P13

Reliability modelling using Petri-Net Simulation of Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Degradation in Automotive Applications_09D4

Reliability Prediction Method with Field Environment Variation_01P21

Reliability Sensitivity Analysis Based on System Failure Evolution_01P11

Reliability Survey of Military Acquisition Systems_01P19

Repairable Item Inventory Model Optimization with Uncertainty Theory_02D4

Replacement Interval Optimization for Aircraft Maintenance_03E4

Research on the Wear Mechanism Coupling Modeling of Spool Valve_02P1

Risk Evaluation of Ship-to-Ship Transfer of Cargo Operations by Applying PFMEA and FIS_11D2

Risk Management Principles and Techniques_TN-09A Safety Driven Optimization Approach for Automotive Systems_08D4

Safety Integrity Level Requirements in Deepwater Drilling – Where Safety Meets Reliability_08D2

Simulation for Psychological Factors-Considered Repair Based on Swarm_14C2

Simulation of Liquid Rocket Engine Failure Propagation_11E3

Statistical Analysis of Accelerated Life Testing under Weibull Distribution based on Fuzzy Theory_09E2

Strain Measurement Based on Microstrip Patch Antennas_07D2

Susceptibility of Spacecraft to Impact-Induced Electromagnetic Pulses_05E4

Synthesis and Validation of Accelerated Vibration Durability Tests_01C2

System Availability Analysis under Redundancy Sharing of Standby Components_14D1

System Engineering Approach for Diagnostics of Electromechanical Systems_03D2

System Reliability Assessment Incorporating Interface and Function Failure_01D2

Temporal Logic for Risk Analysis and System Safety_01P10

The Degradation Model of Servo Valve with Coupled Failure Mechanisms_02C4

The Electronic Maintenance Situational Awareness Interface_14D3

The Impact of System Redundancies in the Optimization of the Support Solution_06D2

The Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability of Ground Systems in Support of Space Missions_01P1

Thermodynamic Damage Measurements of an Operating System_13C4

Tool Replacement Based On Pattern Recognition with LAD_07C2

Ultra Low-K CPI Evaluations for Foundry Backend and Assembly Saw Processes_02P4

Understanding and Applying the Fundamentals of FMEAs_TN-08A

Usage Based Predictive Transistor Aging Model to Optimize Test Limits on IO Circuits_05C1

Warranty Forecasting of Electronic Boards using Short-term Field Data_09E4

When Will Spares Run-Out_02E3