About the ASQ Reliability Division

The ASQ Reliability Division is the largest group in the world who promotes reliability training and education. We are a volunteer organization focused on providing reliability training and education through member benefits, thus advancing reliability engineering globally. We are a major professional specialty association within the framework of the American Society for Quality. Its members have particular expertise and interest in reliability and related disciplines. Our activities are concerned with reliability, maintainability, quality, safety, and effectiveness of products, processes, and services important to our members and the community at large. Our organization is open to ASQ member.


We will be globally recognized as the leading organization for resources and information in the discipline of reliability engineering.


The mission of the Reliability Division is:

  • Provide a global forum for networking among practitioners of reliability engineering, management and related topics,
  • Facilitate growth and development of division members,
  • Promote reliability engineering principles and serve as a technical resource on reliability engineering for ASQ, standards agencies, industry, government, academia and related disciplines
  • Sponsor, present and promote reliability, maintainability, and related training materials for courses, symposia, and conferences.


  • Grow and retain membership
  • Provide services to enhance capabilities, competencies and skills of reliability practitioners
  • Provide a platform and support to membership for development and publishing of reliability topics
  • Provide personal points of contact for global reliability practitioners, businesses, professional associations and academic institutions to interact with the division