Thank you for Registering!

We in the ASQ Reliability Division offer these webinars free of charge to anyone interested in attending.  The primary reason is to provide a economical means for ongoing professional development. We also record the sessions and provide those free of charge to division members.

Please consider getting involved with one of our many activities in addition to attending these webinars. Or, if you’re not a member, consider joining the division for complete access to the myriad of resources on the member’s site.

What to Expect and Tips

With your registration you should receive an email from GotoWebinar with directions on how to join the webinar at the designated time. It is possible to join the meeting via a web browser. If you haven’t used GotoWebinar in the past it may take a minute or two to load a ‘viewer’ plug in application on your site (you may need administrator access). Once the webinar session opens on your machine, you have the option to use VoIP (audio via your computer speakers/microphone) or use a telephone to dial a possibly long distance number. We have found the most select VoIP which seems to work well. We are not providing world wide toll free numbers as it is cost prohibitive. We are providing as many local numbers as are available with this system. We trust you will find the webinar informative and a useful part of your professional development.